“formerly” The Grocers Supply Co., Inc.

Through the years, 2ML Real Estate acquired over 60 shopping centers totaling approximately 3,200,000 square feet. Most of the centers contained a vacant grocery store. The vacant grocery stores were leased to independent supermarket operators. Once the grocery space was leased and the respective store open, the satellite spaces were leased to regional or local tenants.

2ML Real Estate owns 8 warehouses consisting of approximately 1,960,000 square feet and one small office building consisting of approximately 50,000 square feet.

2ML Real Estate has several investment properties held for future development.

Overall, 2ML Real Estate has a portfolio of over 5,200,000 square feet comprising of warehouses, shopping centers, freestanding supermarkets, and office buildings. 2ML Real Estate also leases over 350,000 square feet of freestanding supermarket locations with subleases in place for each property.

2ML Real Estate is a full service real estate company with over 65 years of experience that owns, manages, leases and develops shopping centers and small warehouses.